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No job is too small for professionals...

Most people see us as professionals so we don't come to mind when a carwash is needed. People also view carwashing as a task that requires minimal skill and technique, but actually small jobs like washing the exterior of a vehicle is just as important as performing paint correction services being that most paint imperfections begin with someone washing the vehicle incorrectly.

Mass production carwash companies have been designed to produce rapid results with minimal cost. They definitely grab your attention by presenting a solution to keeping your vehicle clean as a quick and inexpensive service, but the truth of the matter is those machines and poorly trained lot attendants cause more damage than the service is worth. 

Even if you do not utilize our basic wash services we recommend that you ask our staff for proper instructions. We also have do-it-yourself kits available for those who want to maintain their own vehicles. 

Exterior Wash

$50 - $70

Tired of spending hours just to wash your car in the driveway? Let the professional tackle that for you in less than thirty minutes.


We pre-soak your vehicle’s tires, wheels, wheel wells, trim and front facia is scrubbed and rinsed to loosen and remove the grime, dirt, grease and splattered bug residue. We then wash your car with a mitt made from lambs wool using car wash soap with unique polymers. Our 30-Day Spray Wax is applied during the wipe down process to leave a mirror like shine. We also pay special attention to make sure windows and mirrors are clean.

When washing the vehicle your actually stripping a bit of the oil that are in the paint so spray wax is like lotion for your paint by replenishing the moisture that is lost.

Quick Summary


  • Exterior hand wash
  • Door jams
  • Windows (Inside & Out)
  • Tires cleaned and dressed 
  • 30-Day Spray Wax
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